I’m Roozbeh.

Technology and design are the core of how I approach life. For the last 15 years, I have been a product designer, UIUX developer, and consultant for startups and Fortune 500 companies.

I have a track record of developing applications used by millions around the globe; creating user-centric products for both businesses and consumers has been my specialty in the past decade. My skillset allows me to work on projects from concept to launch - from UI/UX to front-end development.

I'm an enthusiastic learner driven by ambition with love for innovation. Most importantly, I take great pleasure in being part of the creative process. I'm well-versed in various software engineering and design principles, allowing me to meet high-level requirements while keeping an eye on the details. My expertise includes user research, usability testing, graphic design, prototyping, animation, user interface design and development. Additionally, I have experience leading product teams through the full life cycle of product development - from ideation to validation.

Working with both local and remote teams allows me to collaborate on projects that span multiple countries and cultures. I strive to stay up-to-date with technology trends as well as learn new programming languages and frameworks regularly. Being adaptable is key for any successful product designer/developer.

I enjoy working with teams of diverse backgrounds, as this allows me to draw on different skill sets and perspectives when tackling complex problems. I also enjoy leading projects and mentoring junior engineers - helping them become more effective designers/developers by sharing my knowledge and expertise.















UIUXWeb DesignWeb DevelopmentConsultantTechnical DeveloperApp Design
2022 — Present

Cogs & Marvel

UIUXConsultantWeb DesignWeb DevelopmentNextjsEmail Design
2022 - Present
Principal Web Architect

After being approached by the Spotfitness founders to create a web version of their mobile app, I took on the challenge and created a proof-of-concept within a week with a basic layout and functionalities. Impressed by my work, I was asked to lead the web development project. I then redesigned the marketing page, giving it a complete visual makeover while introducing new features that weren't present in its mobile counterpart. These included: - A search function allowing users to find their ideal workout spot based on city, activity, and specific spot; - A map view showing all available spots in a specific area; - call and get directions easily Using Next.js and MongoDB databases, I built the application from scratch, ensuring that it was fast, reliable, and scalable for all users. Alongside this, I developed design guidelines to ensure the website was fully responsive and accessible across multiple devices. The result was an effective web app with a refined design that allowed users to search through workout spots quickly; easily view them on a map; Overall, it's become an invaluable tool in helping people find their perfect exercise spot. The new design was a success, and I continue to work on UIUX and front-end development for Spotfitness, focusing my efforts on streamlining the user experience and improving the site's overall aesthetics. My current aim is to make Spotfitness one of the leading platforms in its field by creating an intuitive interface and a seamless online experience.

UIUXConsultantWeb DesignWeb DevelopmentTechnical DeveloperReactNextjsFront-end developer
2021 – 2023
Design Director

I was honored to lead the UI/UX team at Lifecache, where I worked with the founders to develop a unique platform. My flexible design could be easily adapted to ensure an optimal user experience across all devices, from mobile phones and desktops to headsets. My designs had multiple components that required me to expertly tackle displaying various data points while providing both entertainment and immersion. I meticulously crafted and constructed a new marketing site to showcase our innovative ideas, created brand-aligned promotional videos, and an entirely unique presentation that embodies Lifecache's identity. With all of my hard work, the platform was able to be rolled out effortlessly—allowing us to reach our desired objectives with ease. I crafted a stunning new website, created marketing videos that exemplified our unique capabilities, and presented an impressive presentation to introduce Lifecache's product. Thanks to my efforts, the launch was successful; the company seamlessly achieved its goals without any interruptions or delays! My role at Lifecache was an exciting opportunity that allowed me to showcase my design capabilities, technical capabilities, and creative prowess. As a UI/UX designer and front-end developer, I was able to take on complex challenges while developing user-friendly experiences.

UIUXConsultantWeb DesignWeb DevelopmentTechnical DeveloperNextjsApp DesignFront-end developer
2021 – 2022

Cause & Effect Creative

TrelloConsultantTechnical DeveloperUISquarespaceAutomationAirtableFront-end developerWeb DesignWeb DevelopmentProject ManagementUX
2021 - 2022
Team Lead


* Part Of AgileThought
2020 – Present

As this organization stepped into a new era of growth, it created its infrastructure from the ground up, resulting in a slow start and the overuse of vital resources for such a small yet powerful enterprise. To make sure success was within reach, a complete reassessment of their workflow, website, and systems was necessary to bring about automation, velocity, and efficiency for sustainable growth. With added staff members on board, a membership site launching, and the publication of their first book, it was evident that success would be achieved. I was called upon to help this organization refine its logistics by analyzing its current operations to determine improvements. Thus began the creation of an improved workflow, website, and systems to simplify processes while automating tedious tasks and simultaneously increasing their efficiency. Furthermore, I provided training and guidance, so they were comfortable with the new procedures and tools. With my expertise, I delivered the automation this business needed to scale its operations (and future) for continuous success. I have since continued to provide services as their UI/UX designer and front-end developer, helping them with any issues that arise. As a partner in this organization's success, I strive to ensure the best experience for its customers. From the layout of their website pages to the look and feel of their products, my goal is to create the perfect customer journey by creating the most intuitive user interfaces and designs. I am proud to be a part of this growing enterprise, and I strive to continually improve the customer experience for each one of its users. With my assistance, GallaherEdge has reached its set goals and created an atmosphere with perfectly tailored products and services that bring satisfaction to everyone involved. It is with great enthusiasm I look forward to continuing my work with this fantastic organization and seeing what new heights we can reach together. I am confident in the team's ability to achieve success for years to come.

UIUXConsultantWeb DesignWeb DevelopmentPipedreamAutomationKajabiWordpress
2020 – 2023
Senior Fort-end Developer

As a seasoned designer and developer, I am driven to establish a seamless link between design and development. This entails seamlessly translating static design systems into modular, dynamic code and crafting a comprehensive design guide to unify the platform's aesthetic language. In addition to this, I am responsible for addressing general UI/UX bugs and implementing UI/UX enhancements for the global platform. As a senior designer, I am dedicated to continuously exploring ways to enhance the current UI; this includes cleaning up code for improved site loading speed, optimizing UI elements, and fine-tuning the responsive layout. Furthermore, I am committed to documenting my work to facilitate an iterative product development process aimed at delivering an even more exceptional product experience. Finally, I have experience in leading a small team of developers and designers. This includes training new team members on design methodology, best practices, and the tools of the trade. My drive to create an enjoyable, high-performing platform is matched by my enthusiasm for teaching others how to accomplish the same. Ultimately, all this contributes to ensuring that PWC’s global platform delivers a fantastic user experience for its customers around the world. This passion has been instrumental in ensuring that PWC offers clients powerful insights into their data and business decisions and gives them access to the best digital experiences. As such, I take great pride in being part of this journey. Being able to combine my skillset while creating

* Part Of AgileThought
ReactUITechnical DeveloperFront-end developerEmail Design

Love & Above Labs

Logo DesignWeb Development


UIUXConsultantWeb DesignLogo DesignWeb DevelopmentGraphic DesignTechnical DeveloperNextjsReactFront-end developer


Web DesignWeb Development
2018 – Present
Principal Architect

HiHelloSura, an ambitious Disney entrepreneur, dreamed of tapping into her Fortune 100 clientele. To make this dream a reality and create something both impactful and memorable, I built a comprehensive branding ecosystem for her. This system included an automated website, product launch pod, online creativity and innovation course, brand playbook, and more to help further develop the business. My investigation into HiHelloSura's ideal clients gave me invaluable understanding, allowing me to personalize my plans for their demands. After producing the wireframes and prototypes, I worked cooperatively with the development team to apply design elements while also delivering instructions and guidance so they would be comfortable using the novel tools and processes. Through my dedication and expertise, I was able to achieve our project goals within a shorter timeframe than expected. The result? A comprehensive brand platform that struck just the right balance between a light touch and meaningful substance – perfect for engaging her Fortune 100 clients! In addition to the brand platform, I also contributed to the production, editing, and creation of The HiHelloSura Show, Sura’s podcast. By creating engaging content and refining the audio, I helped ensure that Sura’s audience was able to get the most out of her show. My experience in both design and development gave me a comprehensive understanding of how best to present her message through audio-visual means, resulting in a podcast that connected with her target audience and provided them with meaningful insights. Overall, my work as a UIUX designer and front-end developer at HiHelloSura has enabled me to build a dynamic branding system tailored to her audience. My knowledge of design and development principles ensured that I could provide an effective combination of visuals and audio-visuals that resonated with her target market, allowing them to stay up to date on the latest happenings while also gaining valuable insights into their industry. As such, I am proud to have been an integral part of Sura’s success story!

TrelloProject ManagementUIUXConsultantWeb DesignLogo DesignWeb DevelopmentGraphic DesignNextjsFront-end developerPipedreamAirtableAutomation
2017 – Present
UIUX Designer & Developer

BCM London

Web DevelopmentLogo DesignWeb DesignUIUXFront-end developerNextjsAirtable
2017 – Present
UIUX Designer & Developer

In 2016, it was Kaitlyn's ambition that attracted me to her and inspired me to help build an online presence for her. We've been working together ever since then in order to construct a logo and brand identity that truly encapsulates who she was as an individual. As technology advances, we have had the privilege of updating her website multiple times using Next.js and Airtable – allowing Kaitlyn herself the ability to manage portions of this page with ease! Her new aesthetic really pops due to how prominent her branding photos, messages, and plans are now presented on-site. I'm also the UI/UX Designer and Front-End Developer at Kaitlyn's company, so I create user experiences that are both visually pleasing and intuitive. I use cutting edge technologies to develop products that meet her goals, while keeping in mind the needs of her users. From graphic design to website development and everything in between, I make sure that every product we produce is tailored to Kaitlyn’s vision as well as our target audience. My goal is to ensure a smooth transition from idea conception to final product delivery – making sure quality assurance is met along the way. With my technical expertise and creative eye for detail, I strive to improve the overall look and feel of Kaitlyn's website. With the website being the digital face of her business, I work hard to ensure that it has a professional and unified presentation. My dedication to creating quality products is what makes Kaitlyn's online presence shine!

Web DesignWeb DevelopmentLogo DesignFront-end developer
Technical Designer

As the prime facilitator of the project's restructuring, I led its transition from design to develop internally. My primary objective was to craft a user-friendly UI and lend my expertise towards rewriting the application from scratch using Ruby on Rails. In a mere three months' time, I accomplished what had taken an entire year to achieve before. A new strategy implemented in the development process helped tremendously with this end result, allowing us to rev up the timeline and maximize efficiency at once dramatically. Working hand-in-hand with the development team, we were able to bring together an application that would effectively address all target audiences’ expectations while also providing users with a top-level experience! To make this a success, I began by conducting research and collating input from our target market. Afterward, I created wireframes and prototypes to evaluate the layout and user journey. Upon receiving authorization to proceed, I collaborated with my development squad to introduce the redesigns and fresh features. To guarantee that everyone had a sufficient understanding of the new progression process and the tools used, I provided appropriate training and assistance. With sound leadership from me coupled with expertise on deck, we were capable of wrapping up this project at an optimal pace culminating in remarkable outcomes!

Ruby On RailsConsultantUXUIFront-end developer
2015 – 2020
Technical Designer

As the sole UI/UX designer and developer in a five-member team, I made an essential contribution to turning our proof of concept into a worldwide platform with more than 200 users. My tasks included creating the foundational front-end architecture, assembling components for front-end structure development, and building out user interfaces. Over the course of this project, I was tasked with managing a squad of UI/UX developers. In addition to training my new teammates, I worked alongside other coders and business executives to guarantee uniformity and create responses for user experience dilemmas while collaborating with external design teams. As the individual responsible for creating a phenomenal user interface and experience, I was actively involved in every single step of development. From research to prototyping to testing and implementation, my input ensured that our product looked stunning and worked better than ever before. My skill set enabled me to make sure that all facets were tailored toward meeting the needs of our target audience; this resulted in an immensely successful platform that showed significant growth over time. Overall, my experience at Deloitte was advantageous and taught me a great deal about the entire development process. It has been a major factor in honing my skills as both a UI/UX designer and developer. I am confident that this experience will prove invaluable when working on similar projects in the future. With continued practice and development, I am confident that my skill set will continue to improve and become even more valuable. This is a field that I am passionate about and very much enjoy working in. My experience at Deloitte has been integral in establishing the foundation of my career path going forward.

* Part Of AgileThought
UIUXConsultantReactFront-end developerTechnical Developer
2013 – 2022
UIUX Designer & Developer

I crafted and developed an interactive cheese board to help customers better understand the unique offerings of Igettoasted, a specialized sandwich store. This tool allows users to explore numerous kinds of cheese while discovering more about them before visiting the shop. The board includes descriptions and pictures that provide extra information on each option available for selection. Additionally, customers have the ability to filter categories until they find their ideal cheese for a perfect sandwich! As a UI/UX designer and front-end developer, I was responsible for creating the overall design of the cheese board. This included making sure the user interface was intuitive and easy to navigate and incorporating customer feedback to improve usability. In addition, I coded the entire front-end development process with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This ensured that the final product was both visually appealing and highly functional. I'm confident that my experience and skills will allow me to continue creating compelling user interfaces and interactive applications with a focus on user-friendliness, usability, and design excellence. With these abilities, I can help businesses reach their potential customers in unique ways while providing an enjoyable customer experience.

Web DesignWeb Development
2013 – 2015
Senior UX Engineer

As a Front-end developer and senior UI/UX Designer, I was responsible for unifying the brand and creating an all-encompassing design language and user experience. Developing a responsive UI that worked on all devices was also part of my job. I also had the important role of designing and developing the overall look and feel of the website and mobile applications, implementing layouts, typography, color, and imagery. I designed wireframes, prototypes, and visual mockups to ensure that the development team understood what I wanted them to create. My presence in research and testing was also invaluable; I collaborated with the development team to ensure that each product was aesthetically impressive and technically sound. All in all, my work helped establish a stunning visual direction for the entire product, which remains successful to this day.

* Part Of AgileThought
Web DevelopmentUXUIFront-end developerApp DesignGraphic Design
2012 – Present
Principal Architect

As a Front End Developer, I specialize in creating immersive user interfaces for web applications and mobile apps. My firm grasp of HTML5 & CSS3 enables me to design remarkable mockups based on client requests rapidly. Additionally, my expertise also spans React & Ruby On Rails (ROR). Consistently searching out new technologies that can amplify the horizons of development, I'm always looking to devise innovative solutions to create even better websites, web applications, and mobile apps! In addition to my coding and design techniques, I also successfully manage a team of five individuals. By providing guidance and support on projects, I help ensure their successful completion. Furthermore, I am an integral part of the overall hiring process for our company; from reviewing CVs to coordinating interviews through onboarding new staff members - it's all under my watch! This role has provided me with a unique perspective on the development process from all angles. Overall, my experience as a UI/UX designer and Front End Developer at AgileThought has been an invaluable learning opportunity. I am proud of the work that I have completed thus far, and I strive to push boundaries even further each day! My commitment is to deliver high-quality projects in the most efficient manner possible. With this passion for design and technology, I look forward to continuing to create innovative products for years to come.

Projects:PWCDeloitteSyniverseHaysXcirakForceeSchool SolutionseStaff365
UIUXConsultantWeb DevelopmentWeb DesignTechnical DeveloperReactApp DesignFront-end developer
UI Designer


Logo Design
2011 – 2022
Chief Creative Officer

I had the honor of meeting the founders of this company at the start and taking advantage of an incredible opportunity. In doing so, I was able to address the ever-growing demand for music streaming services worldwide by providing a reliable platform on a global scale. To help them overhaul their mobile applications and website, I employed my design system, which included custom icons, feature-rich site development, long-term design execution and multiple versions in development operations. This enabled me to build an outstanding product that would be certain to bring success. As a UI/UX designer, I specialize in creating designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and reliable, allowing users to enjoy audio and video with minimal buffering times. My expertise enabled me to create a captivating experience for viewers, giving them immediate access to content. Moreover, I was involved in developing Radiojavan's marketing campaigns and social media presence with the goal of creating modern yet consistent designs that would be easily recognizable by its target audience.

TrelloProject ManagementUXConsultantWeb DevelopmentGraphic DesignTechnical DeveloperEmail DesignFront-end developerApp DesignWeb DesignUIRuby On Rails


Web DesignWeb Development
2008 – 2012


Graphic Designer

Orlando Fringe

Graphic DesignPoster Design

Return 7

UIUXWeb DevelopmentApp DesignRuby On Rails
2006 – 2020
Senior Editor

Assist in constructing a streamlined workflow application for photographers to employ EditTeam from pre-production to post-production. Roles comprise the conception and implementation of the work process, execution of the program, and editing. As the Manager of a team of six, I spearheaded the development and maintenance of server setup operations and techniques, questionnaires, settings, rating systems, and their backend website. Additionally, I was tasked with post-production photography which entailed editing photographs for subsequent delivery. To boost turnaround time further and more efficiently, I created an organized workflow process from start to finish. Finally, to ensure continuity in our data storage processes, both internal & external networks were established for remote access. To ensure the success of our platform, I worked diligently to create a streamlined workflow application for photographers. This included developing and maintaining server setup operations and techniques, questionnaires, settings, rating systems, and their backend website. Additionally, I was responsible for post-production photography which entailed editing photographs for subsequent delivery. To further boost turnaround time more efficiently, an organized workflow process from start to finish was created. Finally, to ensure continuity in our data storage processes, both internal & external networks were established for remote access. EditTeam was made available to photographers around the world and helped streamline their workflow, saving countless man-hours. It was a unique platform that provided a robust, scalable solution for all aspects of photography production. My role at EditTeam was invaluable in helping create a better process for photographers so they could focus on what mattered most - creating great photographs. Overall, my time at EditTeam was a fantastic experience that taught me a lot about the production process and how to make it even better. I'm proud of what we accomplished as a team, and it will remain a testament to the hard work we all put in. It's been an honor to be part of such an innovative

Photo EditorPhotographer
2006 – 2013
Senior Designer

As the Innovative Architect of CloudSpace, I was responsible for delivering exceptional designs that met client expectations and brought our brand identity to life. From meeting with clients to develop their vision, overseeing design elements during development, photographing events for promotional purposes, and creating captivating marketing collateral - no task went unsupervised by me! Utilizing the latest technologies available allowed us to create a powerful impact on our brand's presence and ensure maximum success while working alongside each client. My time at Cloudspace was advantageous, as I constantly felt challenged to push myself to create the best possible designs that met our client's standards and expectations. My dedication and hard work helped propel CloudSpace's innovative

Projects:StatusOverloadMyBlogLogThe DJ ListAwe.SmKloutUnited for FamiliesTruliaOneTrueFanLookery
Web DesignWeb DevelopmentGraphic Design
2006 – 2009




Logo DesignGraphic Design


TrelloProject ManagementConsultant

NZO Studio: Mastering Human-Centric and Transformative Digital Design Through Japanese-inspired Principles

NZO Studio is a dynamic creative agency specializing in cutting-edge UI/UX and development solutions. We focus on delivering human-centric design and expert development, collaborating with top-tier brands to create bespoke digital experiences. Our philosophy is deeply rooted in continuous improvement, embracing a beginner's mindset, and appreciating the beauty of imperfection. At NZO Studio, we blend modern technology with a unique approach inspired by Japanese principles, emphasizing simplicity, functionality, and transformative design.

To learn more about my work and clients, visit NZO Studio